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Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Ultrasonic testing is the most common group of non-destructive tests in industrial practice today. UT detects cracks, lapping, dissections, discontinuities of the weld, porosity and other defects throughout the volume of the object using acoustic propagation phenomenon. In order to properly perform UT, it is necessary to ensure adequate acoustic coupling between the probe and the material. Special substances called couplants are used for this purpose. Testing probes emit ultrasonic waves, which propagate through a given object, returning either through-transmission or surface/irregularity-reflected signals. Subsequently, waves return to the probe and are processed by a computer connected to a diagnostic device. Ultrasonic tests can be performed manually, semi-automatically or automatically. This method is used to test non-porous materials. UT testing is conducted as part of acceptance procedures, production, final inspection and periodic operational inspections.