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Operational support

Organizational Evaluation
There is no moving forward without understanding where you are.

Analysis: of procedures and practices, threat situation and capabilities
The dynamic development of battle field management, cause the direct need for teams knowledge broadening and augmentation in terms of modern tactic solutions.It is even more important in the face of shrinking defense budgets, where we are forced to allocate funds more efficiently.The cooperation with Fights On Logistics gives you unique capabilities. Organizing and supporting advanced training solutions with us, maximizes your investment into equipment and combat systems.

Advice: on tactics techniques and procedures including development and testing
Fights On Logistics, it is experience at the highest level in areas of advanced aerial tactical training, development, implementation and assessment of modern fighter tactic, simulator and ground training.
The experience that we have got through extensive ground training and thousands of hours spent in the fighter cockpit as a command pilot and instructor pilot, allows as effectively support you in new tactical solutions implementation from the operator level, structurization, procedures standardization, aerial and ground training infrastructure development.

Training: Ground, simulator, and flight instruction. Syllabus and academic program creation.
Fights On teams possess experience in adequate syllabuses, programs and tactical training development from the scratch. We are experienced in developing and running tactical aviation courses.
Our main task that we want to be used for is to increase combat readiness potential within available options.

Safety and Quality assurance: development and implementation of safety/QA programs and procedures
Fights On Logistics teams are experienced in subjects of safety management and quality assurance algorithms implementation and development. Modern solutions in broad aspect of safety and quality assurance  implemented in Polish Armed Forces after F-16 system procurement, was possible also thanks  to Fights On broad cadre contribution. The highest standards that we adhere to, are based on long experience of our NATO allies.

Connectivity: with western trained governments globally. Access to limited range support and exercises.
NATO countries  air force is striving to be one body, acting on the basis of the same procedures, tactical solutions, using the same language . Achieving the required level of interoperability is an absolute requirement of modern battlefield, allowing armed personnel from different countries to use the same standards, procedures and regulations in order to achieve expected, joined and specified tactical effect.Equally important is the ability to conduct joint exercises on ranges and dedicated for air force segregated areas. Fights On Logistics it is a long-term experience in this field. Our excellent cadre were among those who created a new quality of Polish Air Force, integrating Polish weapons systems with similar systems that NATO countries are equipped with.

Contingency support: development of operational plans and execution of contingency operations
The experience gathered over the years reinforces the unique skills of our team. The experience that helps us to define, develop and refine operational plans used in basic and auxiliary activities.
The use of all  advantages of multi-role aircraft is the primary challenge that responsible for planning teams are facing. A multitude of sensors, weapon systems, means of destruction in combination with  excellent trained crews, cause that modern multi-role aircraft is like a skeleton key that fits every lock. That means, that multirole aircraft is simply good for any given mission, under a one condition, you know how to employ it.
The unique knowledge of the complexity of systems, cause their effective use in a wide range of modern battlefield applications.