Fights On
1 Sierpnia 6A
02-134 Warszawa

tel.: +48 22 247 83 69
fax: +48 22 878 76 15

Company mission

We firmly believe that the NEW, INDEPENDENT QUALITY we bring to the Polish market is key success-enabler for the projects we execute. We base our quality by combining:

  • Unique expert knowledge, experience from implementing the F-16 Weapon System in Poland, experience in offset projects and other


  • The focus on the aviation technology user needs.

At FIGHTS-ON we strive to participate in:

  • Robustly growing market of aviation operations support and combat aviation technology employment in Poland, particularly in the consulting services market, and;
  • Aviation technology implementation projects – our top tier experts bring decades of experience in military aviation sector and the IT market (analysts, programmers, project managers, engineers, technical experts);

by participating in domestic and international projects with local and global partners.