Fights On
1 Sierpnia 6A
02-134 Warszawa

tel.: +48 22 247 83 69
fax: +48 22 878 76 15

Who we are?

Fights On Security is a new type of consulting and management service, focused on addressing the full spectrum of global security challenges. These include protecting our clients interests, from the most critical/strategical military or corporate assets to family vacations or employees who promote Polish business goals around the world.

In times of rapidly changing security environment and unpredictable global scenarios, Fights On Security provides clear, understandable and effective solutions to critical challenges. It also allows you to manage and protect your personnel, reputation and the financial stability of your company.

Creativity, innovativeness, taking quick action and teamwork are the factors which ensured our success in combat operations. We still consider them as the most important quality in our business, and as the factor which adds value to our clients.

We ensure effective solutions in uncertain situations and perfection in everyday operations.