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Company mission

Company Mission: Train and develop your organization to perform at it’s highest level while maximizing horizontal and vertical interoperability. We over-deliver on our promises.

Why are we doing this? We believe in the sovereignty of our customers and will build their Air Forces capability and ensure interoperability with allies to guarantee this sovereignty. We provide means to built efficient team since nobody goes to war by themselves. Interoperability is the key to having a functional air force. If you can’t talk the same “language” and understand each other’s tactics to work together then you are just a very expensive flying club not a cogent fighting force.

How we do this? We provide our customers the highest quality western trained Air Power Instructors and Advisors to ensure they maximize the capacity and capability of the men and equipment in their Air Forces.

What do we do: We analyze our customers operational situation and provide targeted advice, instruction and academics utilizing their operational equipment to provide them a defined increase in capacity to meet their operational goals and requirements. We are a turn-key training organization designed to integrate within your military structure in order to build western trained and interoperable air forces from the ground up.

So what do we provide: Analysis of the customer’s operational problem and providing a solution by, tailoring and building of academic syllabi, providing the highest quality persistent academic, ground, simulator and air instruction, sound advice on maintenance procedures to build capacity by increasing utilization rates, second and third order effects on the rest of the organization through knowledge trickle down with the contractual agreement to provide a certain prescribed capability in an agreed to amount of time. Costs should be calculated on an incoming student ratio with a guarantee of outgoing graduates.